Labor and Birth Services

Labor and Birth Doula 

Doulas nurture and support the birthing person throughout labor and birth. Their essential role is to provide continuous labor support to the mother, no matter what decisions the mother makes or how she gives birth. 

What is Labor Support?

Labor support is defined as the therapeutic presence of another person, in which human-to-human interaction with caring behaviors is practiced.

The most important thing to remember is that the Doula’s role and agenda are tied solely to the birthing person’s agenda. In other words, a Doula’s primary responsibility is to the birthing person—not to a hospital administrator, nurse, midwife, or doctor. We are there for the parents. 

According to the textbook Best Practices in Midwifery, doula can provide labor support via the four pillars of labor support: emotional support, physical support, and advocacy. In the book Optimal Care in Childbirth, informational support is also listed as a pillar of support. I cover ALL of these pillars when providing care to you.

You can get a break down of these pillars in this blog.