Lotus Steam Herbs

Lotus Steam Herbs

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This blend: Strengthens womb for pregnancy, regulates menstruation, relieves itching, dispels toxins, helps with depression, helps edema, improves lubrication, minimizes menstrual pain, relieves constipation, helps heal womb after pregnancy

3 Steams per Package. Remember the herbs swell so you don't need a lot. Separate the herbs into 3 portions for one steam per week for 3 weeks.
After a DNC or miscarriage – Wait 3 weeks. Make sure there is no infection prior to steaming.
Postpartum:  Wait 6-8 weeks. Make sure you are not bleeding and there is no infection
About vaginal steaming:

Vaginal steams, V-steaming, or Yoni steaming, is a process that requires a woman to squat over steaming water that contains various healing and cleansing herbs. The practice has been around for a very long time, but recent interest in yoni steaming has sparked new conversations when it comes to the benefits and effectiveness of the process. According to many reports, yoni steaming can be very effective when it comes to common health issues experienced by women caused by “cold stagnation”.

The yoni steams are a good way to connect with your yoni. It can be a great addition to your self-care routine. The purpose of steaming is to increase circulation and heighten your energy flow by bringing warmth to the womb and pelvis. Due to vaginal tissues being so absorbent, the herbs being delivered to the vaginal tissues byway of steaming has proven to amplify healing properties, clean, nourish, revitalized, and reawaken the tissues.

The moisture from the steam opens the pores of the tissues as the botanical infused water vapor releases medicinal benefits of the plants and oils directly to the tissues. Different herbs carry different healing properties. Figure out what you would like to treat, and then choose herbs that will be of most benefit to you.

Steaming is good for: 

 -Dark blood at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle

-Postpartum and post miscarriage or post DNC

-Menstrual Complaints & Irregular Cycles


-Pelvic Muscle Tension, Pelvic Pain

-Uterine Prolapse

-Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea

Hemorrhoids, Constipation

-Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, PCOS

-Fertility, Infertility, Conception preparation


You Should not steam when:

  • When you have an infection.
  • If you have the flu or a fever 
  • During Pregnancy
  • During Menstruation
  • If there are symptoms of damp, or moist heat in the pelvis, vagina or colon i.e.: vaginal infection, candida, yeast infection, bacterial infection, herpes outbreak.
  • If  you have vaginal piercings 
  • If you have an IUD
  • Spontaneous Vaginal Bleeding
  • Do not steam during or after Ovulation if you are trying to get pregnant