Thank You Nicky Show is Coming To Jolt Radio

It's been a while, but I'm back at Jolt Radio with a brand new feminine health radio show focused on important topics in motherhood, feminine health and more!

As you know, last year I did a short stint with my podcast Millennial Mama Drama. After going through a rough closing of 2018, I got with John at Jolt and decided to revamp the monthly podcast and turn it into a bi-monthly radio show with a full season of episodes airing April-June 2019! I've been on some real condensing, cleansing shit ya know?

I'm really excited about this new show for three reasons:

  1. It will be pre-recorded (YASSSS) which makes it way easier for my guests who are birthworkers, mothers and entertainers.
  2. It will be recorded on video AND audio so you will get to experience the live and behind the scenes action. Plus you will be able to listen to it anytime one week after the show airs (WHOOOOOP)
  3. It gives me more room to grow. Although I will be tackling the same topics and catering to the same market (millennial mothers and birth workers) there is more room for interviewing different types of guests and get their perspectives.

It's all gonna be sooooo good :-)

Join me this Thursday, April 4th from 10-11am on Jolt Radio as we kick of the Thank You Nicky Show with guest Gabby Rojas of Miami Diaper Bank. You can listen live online or on the Jolt Radio app! Check out the schedule below so you can tune in:

Thank You Nicky Show Air Dates:
Thursday, April 4th 10-11am
Thursday April 16th 10-11am
Thursday May 2nd 10-11am
Thursday May17 10-11am
Thursday June 6th 10-11am
Thursday June 20th 10-11am


And make sure you follow the crew on Instagram @JoltRadio and of course follow me @thankyounicky and make sure you are subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss a beat!


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