Plant Based Protein List For Pregnant Mamas

If you're currently pregnant and practicing a vegan diet, then you have probably already heard from everyone around you - "What are you going to do about protein? You should probably start eating some meat for the baby."

Guess what vegan baes? You don't have to eat meat just because you are pregnant. You can, but you don't need to. There is more than enough protein in other foods that will support you and your growing little one. FACTS.

I was a vegan mama (ok veganish.....ok ok plant-based - I ate gelato like crazy) but I was very plant-based during my pregnancy. Now I will admit, there were about 3 times that I got a random craving for curry goat (I'm Jamaican), but I overall my pregnancy diet was meatless and often dairy-free. I would get a lot of concerned feedback from my family and a few disapproving comments from other moms on Instagram like "You have to eat red meat or your baby will be small." or "If you don't drink enough milk you won't make enough milk for the baby." - don't get me started on this one!

Yea, the mom shame game starts early ladies. Prepare yourself.

Fortunately for me, both my midwife and doula had no concern with my diet choices. They never made me feel ashamed or like I was putting my baby at risk. Instead, they gave me a ton of resources, recipes and a list of local farmers markets that supported my plant-based pregnancy diet. And because of their support, I had a very healthy, active pregnancy and my baby was born without any issues. In your face meat moms!

So now it's my turn to do the same for you mama-to-be! Here is my hit list of plant-based foods packed with plenty of protein :-)

Nuts and Seeds


 Nuts/Seeds (1/4 cup)

Protein (grams)

Chia Seed


Hemp Seed 10
Flax Seed 8
Sunflower Seed 8
Saiba 7.4
Almond 7
Pumpkin Seed 7
Sesame Seed 7
Pistachio 6
Walnut 5
Brazil Nut 5
Hazelnut 5
Pine Nut 4



Beans protein

 Beans (1 cup cooked)

Protein (grams)





Cannellini (white beans)


Cranberry bean


Navy bean


Split peas




`Black bean

Garbanzos (chick peas) 15
Kidney beans 15
Great Northern beans 15
Lima beans 15
Pink beans 15
Black-eyed peas 14
Mung beans 14
Pinto beans 14
Green peas 9


 Grains (1 cup cooked)

Protein (grams)

Triticale 25
Millet 8.4
Amaranth 7
Oat, Bran 7
Wild rice 7
Rye berries 7
Whole wheat 6
Bulgar wheat 6
Buck wheat 6
Teff 6
Oat groats 6
Barley 5
Quinoa 5
Brown rice 5
Spelt 5


vegetable protein

 Vegetables (1 cup cooked)

Protein (grams)

Corn 5
Potato 5
Oyster mushroom 5
Collard greens 4
Peas 4
Artichoke 4
Broccoli 4
Brussel sprouts 4
Shitake mushroom 3.5
Fennel 3
Swiss chard 3
Sweet potato 3
Kale 2.5
Asparagus 2
String beans 2
Beets 2
Squash 2
Cabbage 2
Carrot 2
Cauliflower 2
Rutabaga 2
Celery 1
Spinach 1
Bell peppers 1
Cucumber 1
Eggplant 1
Leeks 1
Lettuce 1
Okra 1
Onion 1


 Other sources Protein (grams)
Sun warrior 17
Avocado 4
Cherimoya 7
Durian (1 cup) 4
Sapote (1 medium) 5


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